Pipeline Repair

We specialize in the repair and restoration of corroded or mechanically damaged pipelines by means of a pipeline sleeve enclosure system.

The protective sleeves (RAE®) system consists of two half-roundpipes made of same or similar material and thickness of the pipeline under repair.

The half-round pipes are welded lengthwise and the enclosure receives the injected resin, forming a complete pipeline sleeve enclosure which reinforces the damaged area of the affected pipeline. Use of these enclosures on hydrocarbon or utility carrying pipelines can be considered as temporary, however the system is a permanent one for damages such as metal loss, mechanical damages, dents or weld defects.

Main advantages

  • Quick response since all materials are of national origin. 

  • Different diameter lines can be repaired. 

  • There is no need to stop line operations. 

  • There is no contact with the existing production line. 

  • Certified and approved as a temporary or permanent repair. 

  • It does not require reduction of operating pressure or shutdown. 



        Some of the products used for the system are locally available: 

  • Rolled plate of similar or better specification than the one used in the pipeline. 

  • Weld material 

  • Silicone sand

  • Epoxy filler

  • REAS mega sealer


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